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About me


Jenny 5 robot - an almost humanoid robot intended for research but also as house assistant.

Automatic generation of computer programs

Multi Expression Programming - a Genetic Programming (GP) variant for automatic generation of computer programs (for data analysis, designing digital circuits, etc). C++ source code available for download.

Evolving Heuristics with Genetic Programming - automatic generation of heuristics for NP-complete problems.

Evolving evolutionary algorithms - automatic generation of evolutionary algorithms (also called Meta GP).

Traceless Genetic Programming - automatic generation of computer programs.


UBBOTS - Intelligent robots competition.

Unconventional computing

Optical computing - How to solve difficult (NP-complete) problems with light.


Uzina 3D - (a 3D printer).

Source codes (for teaching purposes)

Genetic Algorithm C++ source code - A C++ implementation of a Genetic Algorithm with real encoding for single objective function optimization.

Minimax with alpha-beta cuttofs (C++ source code) - A C++ implementation of Minimax with Alpha-Beta cuttofs.